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  • Responses are not case-sensitive.
  • For the email address, make sure that you enter an address known to NASA.
  • For security purposes enter the code as displayed.
  • Text/Audio - The refresh button is available if you require a new code.
  • Audio - Additional plugins may be required for the audio portion.

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  • Please answer ALL security questions.
  • Answers are NOT case-sensitive.
  • Leading and trailing spaces will be trimmed from all answers.
Don't recognize these as your security questions? Verify that you identified yourself correctly on the previous screen.
  1. Select the 'Previous' button below and identify yourself again - be sure that you're using your legal name on file with NASA.
  2. If you've tried this and can't proceed, try logging in with your PIV smartcard. You can then select 'Change Password'.
  3. If you still can't proceed, contact the ESD at 1-877-677-2123, Option 2 or visit

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  • User password must be 12 to 32 characters long.
  • It MUST contain any three of the following four constraints:
    • At least one upper case character
    • At least one lower case character
    • At least one number
    • At least one special character (e.g. $, !, #, *, @, %)
  • It CANNOT be one of the last 24 passwords used.
  • It CANNOT be updated more than once in a 24-hour period.

* WARNING: If you are a Windows system user, you must remain on the NASA network or VPN for a minimum of 15 minutes after the Desktop password update, and then Lock and Unlock your system to allow the new password to sync to your system. If you fail to follow these instructions, your system may prevent future logons and it may require a visit to your local center to correct issues. *

If you experience any issues and need assistance, please contact the NASA Enterprise Service Desk.


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Your password will expire on and cannot be changed again for 24 hours.

Did you know? Instead of a password, your smartcard can be used to easily log in to most NASA websites. Try it out